Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Electro-Mechanical Engineers

The electro-mechanical branch of engineering includes subjects on analysis, design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment or products which have a combination of electrical/electronic and mechanical systems. On becoming experienced engineers, they develop expertise in both the electrical and mechanical engineering. The subject is a mix or interface of the mechanical equipment and its electronic controls. The Graduates in this science can work in a variety of places including the new product development, applied research or any other entrepreneurial efforts. You can find engineers working for designing and building everything from simple bottling machines to high tech satellites and even very delicate medical equipments.

The overall employment of mechanical engineers is expected to grow same as the average for all other occupations. Individuals planning and interested in such kind of engineering specialization as there career have several training options available to them. These engineers get trained at technical institutes, community colleges, divisions of colleges and universities and at public and private vocational-technical schools. Most of the employers prefer to hire engineering technicians who have an associate degree or any other post secondary training in engineering technology. Having a combined knowledge of mechanical engineering technology and electrical/ electronic circuits these engineers also work in manufacture of computer-controlled mechanical systems like robotic assembly machines. They even operate such machines in factories and other work sites. Their work overlaps that of electrical/ electronic engineering technicians and mechanical engineering technicians at most of the places. However most of these engineering technicians work for the computer and office machines industries.

The studies and curriculum of electro-mechanical engineers focus on areas like computerized instrumentation, data acquisition and electrical control systems in electrical and things like fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat power and dynamics on the mechanical side. They also work on developing automated industrial systems through artificial intelligence, graphical user interface and various other electro-mechanical systems designs. These also work as customer engineers who service computers and other electro-mechanical equipment in the industries. You can even graduate as an electromechanical engineering technician diploma and join the workforce.

The electro-mechanical engineers get to understand electromechanical systems in a variety of fields and have an opportunity to work as a technologist, field service representative, research/ development technologist and equipment maintenance or repair representative in many big companies and firms.